About us

Business activity:

Main subject of company Primo group s.r.o. is universal chemical production such as cleaners, washing detergents and cosmetics from own brands e.g Primona, Anka, Adrien, Clear Body or from Private Labels.

Because we have still more and more customers, the company is trying to improve quality and services.


The company was established in 1997 and is part of Czech and foreign market. Production started in village Kralice, under the tradename Primo s.r.o. In 2005 was built new compount of company in Sulovice, near Kutná Hora and in this place the company successfully operates. The synthesis of Primo s.r.o. company with Vento Bohemia s.r.o. has lead into rename Primo group s.r.o in 2008.

The company started production with only four basic products – hand dishwashing detergent, universal cleaner, liquid soap and car-shampoo. The range of products was supplement on bigger quantity of other own products, Private label products and additional range of product for some customers over the years.

Our products:

In the present the company produces and distributes around 1 000 products from liquid and power program in packaging from 50 ml to 10 l. Central program is production of liquid soap, shower gel, hair shampoo, bath foam, hand dishwashing detergent, cleaners for variol surfaces, liquid sand, scouring powder, fabric softener and washing gel.

Our customers are purchasers from whole world e.g. The Netherlands, Italy, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Russia, we also produce for chain stores from Czech and Slovakia republic, delivered to wholesale and detail stores, engineering, metallurgical and other related fields, direkt supply for big cleaning companmy, which provide cleaning in large buildings and companies, e.g. schools, hospitals, factories ect.