Privatel Label Brands

The bigger part of our production, over the 80%, is focused on production Private Labels.

Our the most important customers are purchasers from The Netherlands, Italy, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Russia. On Czech market e.g. chain stores Spar, Billa, AHOLD, Globus, Kaufland, Penny Market, COOP.

Are you interested on production of your brand in our company..?

In this case we can offer you these product lines:


    • Liquid soap - from 500 ml to 5,5 L
    • Shower gel - from 200 ml to 5,5 L
    • Hair shampoo - from 200 ml to 5 L
    • Bath foam - from 500 ml to 5 L
    • Hair conditioners - from 300 ml to 1 L
    • Hand dishwashing detergent - from 500 ml to 5,5 L
    • Washin gel - from 1 L to 5,5 L
    • Fabric softener - from 1 L to 5,5 L
    • Cleaners for variol surfaces - from 500 ml to 1 L

(kitchen, bathroom, windows, floor, Toilets, sanitary surfaces, drains, stains, carpets)

    • Scouring powder - from 500 g to 1000 g
    • Liquid sand - from 400 ml to 1000 ml

For all products, the price depends on the quality of the product types, bottles and caps. We are able to offer you quality according to your wishes, from the highest, which contains more than 30% of the active substances, to the basic quality with the lowest price.

We will provide more information through our email, telefone line or personal meeting.

Every year you can visit us at World of Private Label International Trade Show PLMA in Amsterdam.

We are looking forward to your visit.